Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm on a new website...Hot Chicks, Perfect Tits

Hey everyone, been really busy these days but just wanted to let everyone know we just finished shooting for a new website...Hot Chicks, Perfect Tits! The site is about one thing of course...HOT CHICKS with BIG TITS getting fucked! Some of the girls that also shot for the site; Carmella Bing, Angelina Valentine, Candy Mason, Lichelle Marie, Savannah, Shy Love and way to many to mention, check it out for yourselves. Here are some movie clips from the newest 3 scenes...
That's Renee Cruz (Damn I love Latinas)

Picinicing with Donna (she's hot huh?)

That's Rylee and the Red Lambo (mine I wish!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another day at the Gym

Julian had to stop by his gym to check the spinning class schedule of all things before we went out chasing chicks. Of course I gave him static about it. But if I hadn't been sitting in the car at the time, I would have never seen Lacey walking through the parking lot. Just about the time Julian was walking back to the car, she was walking over to hers so I grabbed the schedule from him and made a beeline to Lacey's car. Lacey was from England and she was here, as the Brits say, on holiday. I asked her to come to a spin class with me sometime but in the meantime we could better acquainted over at the studio. Lacey thought that was a great idea and quicker than quick, she was naked and down on her knees sucking me off. Lacey had some serious body and the pussy was nice too. She straddled by big dick and slid her shaved snatch down and rode me hard. Lacey was totally into my cock because she kept jumping off of me while I was fucking her to lick her juices off my shaft and bang me some more. I drilled Lacey halfway around the studio it seemed before finally blasting her with a gooey facial. Love that spinning stuff!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old friends are always fun...

This chick Holly hit me up online last week and as it turned out, she had shot for us way back in the day with Billy. She said she was interested in doing a scene again sometime soon, and had a sexy friend that was interested too. Julian remembered Holly was a cutie and from the picture she sent, Brynn was a hottie too so he told me to hook up the deal. We met them at the train station and both chicks were looking hot as advertised even on this crappy rainy day. I just remember when we got to the studio I had a blonde to my left and a blonde to my right. There can't be a vision much better than that except when they both got naked to get on their knees to suck my big dick and lick my balls. They were nasty little sluts, kissing and eating each other out as I had my way fucking both their tight sweet pussies. We definitely put the three in threesome as I licked on Brynn as Holly rode me and then we reversed roles. It was great stuff and they had some great hard horny bodies that got me all jacked up. I was blasting away at Holly as Brynn was licking her tits when I gave them both a taste of my sticky man juice. It's nice when old friends come back and see us with a sexy friend to boot!